Saturday, June 14, 2008

Music for the masses

Flying Lotus
Most famous (yet also uncredited) for the music in the many of the segues of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, FL was signed by Warp Records last year. He is set to release his second full length album titled Los Angeles this week.
Parisian Goldfish-Flying Lotus

MGMT is celebrating the grand re-opening of the third eye of the world with Oracular Spectacular, the duo's much-anticipated first full-length album, an enigmatic and prophetic collection of hallucinatory sounds and hook-riddled pop tones for the new millennium.
Electric Feel-MGMT

“We began trying to write pop songs to sell, which made us depressed, so we started writing songs for ourselves instead.” The results of that self centered conceit is the songwriting work heard for the first time on the full length self-titled Santogold ( left, MIA right) album, released on Downtown/Lizard King (US) and Atlantic (UK).
Shove It Remix-Santogold featuring Spankrock

Quiet Village
After three sought-after singles for the Whatever We Want label-plus remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, Fran├žois K, Cosmo Vitelli and, um, The Osmonds - Quiet Village step out of the shadows to present their first full-length album, 'Silent Movie'.
Freerider-Quiet Village

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