Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Art industry blog How's My Dealing? is making the news and creating a whole lot of controversy with their gallery Deathwatch. Although they aren't always right they've already successfully predicted the closing of Plane Space and Roebling Hall, 2 galleries put on virtual Deathwatch in October. How’s My Dealing? bills itself as a site on which artists can anonymously rate dealers they have worked with and they look for artists to share positive and negative experiences with critics, curators, and galleries. They want to know how you got into the gallery, how or why you left the gallery, about your studio visits, who won't pay or pays only after much cajoling, who loves your work until it doesn't sell, who supports your work despite your weak sales, who won't return work or say where work has disappeared to, who is awesome, who tries to influence your work or presure you to make work you would rather not make, and who abuses power.

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