Thursday, July 10, 2008

Q & A with Tamara

When Tamara is not djing, digging for records or doing business development for Rocudo, she's busy buying and collecting accessories. We caught up with Tamara today at the Electricity Showrooms in Shoreditch, East London.
Who's your style icon? Why?
I don’t really have a style icon in particular…I’m prone to observing the streets around me, picking up pieces of things I like & interpreting them to fit my own style. I absolutely love southern America in the 70’s…tight Wranglers, sexy boots & giant feathered hair styles…
Favorite designers or brand?
I’ve always been one to try to find imitations of looks & designers that I like, in vintage clothing or in local design. The Laden Showroom on Brick Lane is great for local designs, with a lot of diversity. I also really dig Public Beware – 7 Dray Walk, Shoreditch
Gold or Silver?
I love them both, don’t believe in mixing them together...its a crime. They stand alone.
Favorite book?
Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock & Out
Favorite film?
I have so many favorites…’The Jerk’ with Steve Martin is on my tops, Anchor Man (I can practically recite it!), Almost Famous – fantastic fashion!
I’ve just bought a print by one of my local heroes, Pure Evil – hard & edgy – with soft & fuzzy centers…And it all spawns in east London.
What's playing in your IPOD?
Ha! I still don’t own an Ipod, can you believe it? I just bought the new Fleet Foxes album, which is brilliant…And the new Presets album…loving it. I can’t get enough of the Beats in Space podcast from NYC either.
What's your guilty pleasure?
My ridiculous vinyl addiction. I’ve been collecting since I was 15, and am running out of space. Classic rock, soul, funk, disco, 80’s pop, country…And admittedly, shopping for records at work when a song comes into my head…it’s the best.
If you had one wish?
Duh, I’d wish for more wishes.
Your favorite find? or accessory?
I think my favorite finds are accessories I bring back from small-town America for my girlfriends…I always dig up treasures there, and bring home scarves, shoes, necklaces, hand-bags…My friends always love them!
If you could go back in time and pick out anything to bring back with you, what would that be?
I’d bring back my Pink Floyd: Wish you were Here concert t-shirt that my Uncle Robert gave me when I was about 10…One of my old boyfriends stole it from me.
Tell us about the accessories finds you chose to share with us and where you got them.

I’ve brought:

My Pappy’s braces (suspenders)…he used to wear these when he would weld, and my Nanny gave them to me when he passed away – I treasure them!
My mother’s t-shirt from the 70’s, it says ‘Varoom!’ and has a motorbike on it…which is made of small little red stones. Its got some small tears in it & some stains…but its super hot, and one of my prize possessions.
A vintage 80’s Chanel belt, with gold logo razor blades…My friend Molly gave this to me because she said it was very me…supa freak!My 8th grade band hat, which I stole when I moved away – I used to play the trumpet. This thing has been a staple at many a fancy dress party, and I even wore it once when I dressed as Gwen Stefani from her ‘holla back girl’ video.
My vintage sterling silver & turquoise owl necklace, which I found at a flea market in Berkeley, California…

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