Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Since 1896 Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini, and Gino Ulivo established the Conceria (tannery) Guidi E Rosellini at Pescia in Tuscany. Here the art of leather tanning can be traced back to the middle ages. Ruggero Guidi, who now runs the tannery spends his time looking for the perfect balance between advanced technologies and heritage, dealing with demanding requests from designers all over the world but always finding a way to get them what they want. His passion for leather and respect for it's tradition gives Guidi's current footwear and bag collection true meaning, only something a true craftsman with his knowledge and experience would be able to make. Guidi refuses to mass produce, offering something unique with a twist of tradition. You can find Guidi footwear at Journal Standard in Tokyo, Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, Butter in New York, The Library in London, and The Archive in San Francisco.

Washed cordovan
Lined full grain kango
Lined goat leather
Lined cordovan reversed

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