Monday, August 25, 2008

Neon signs

Get ready to brighten up your wardrobe. Designers are making way for eye popping neon shades in everything from make up to shoes. Here's a few items which are completely wearable: ankle boots from Christian Louboutin, gloves by Carolina Amato, and bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.


mysaturnreturn said...
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mysaturnreturn said...

I've never been too fond of neon. However, I just came back from a wedding and my friend Ayana pulled it off pefectly; She paired a sexy tight fitting neon blue dress with neon yellow pumps. She looked great in neon. Though I can't really see myself pulling it off. You have to have a certain kind of confidence to pull off that type of outfit. I'm more of a classic black and muted tone kinda gal.

White Hart said...

try testing the waters. neon can be intimidating if you're use to muted colors. start off with a simple piece - like neon yellow pumps or a hot pink clutch - paired with a classic black dress. You can add elements to suit your style.