Saturday, August 2, 2008

Q & A with Francesco

Francesco used to do research shopping for the Miss Sixty accessories archive in Italy before he moved to London. When he's not designing bags or minding extremely cool shops he's out at car boot sales, markets, and charity shops prowling for goods to add to his collection. We had a couple of coffees at his flat yesterday (no that's not us in the photo) and photographed some of his favorite possessions.Who's your style icon? Why?
David Bowie. Because he was androgynous.
Favorite designers or brand?
Alexander McQueen, Marni, and Martin Margiela.
Gold or silver?
Gold and silver.
Favorite book?
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
Favorite film?
What's Love Got To Do With It.
I like Banksy.
What's playing in your IPOD?
From Mozart and Bach to Nina Hagen.
What's your guilty pleasure?
If you had one wish?
I'd be able to time travel to the future or the past.
Your favorite find? or accessory?
The Chanel bags and the Swarovski crystal head piece you just took photos of.
If you could go back in time and pick out anything to bring back with you, what would that be?
One of the original costumes of Queen Marie Antoinette.
Tell us about the accessories finds you chose to share with us and where you got them.

I've chosen:

A pair of 1970's original Levi's boots which I found at Spitalfields Market here in London.A 1970's coin purse and an early 1980's Fendi organizer both of which I found at a car boot sale.1980's Disney briefcases which I found in a huge store in Rome where they sell remnants of past collections. Red 1970's and black 1980's quilted Chanel bags both of which I found at one of the Red Cross Charity Shops here in London.Matching1970's vinyl shoulder bag and suitcase which I was fortunate enough to find on separate occasions.Swarovski crystal headpiece which I found at Via Sannio market in Rome.

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