Monday, August 11, 2008

Vintage military Re-Edited

Hollywood Trading's Zip Stevenson began his company out of love for the artful workmanship and distinctive quality of handcrafted leather belts often identified with vintage Americana. We closely identify with his aesthetic because we've been collecting vintage accessories since we can remember. He has maintained the level of quality and workmanship for his line throughout the years and only distributes to the best accounts around the globe. Now HTC has taken things a bit further with The Generic Man pop-up store inside the HTC store (inside Fred Segal Santa Monica) which is now displaying TGM's Re-Edit series of footwear. The Re-Edit series is The Generic Man’s new ‘green’ series made of vintage army materials. Two size runs of the exclusive Re-Edit Sportsman’s will be released with more versions to come over Fall/Winter. Each shoe is a one of a kind with the pop-up store being the only place to get the TGM Re-Edit series until full international release January 2009.

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